Why volunteer with us?

Why volunteer with us?

  • Do you enjoy driving?

  • Do you love to help people in your community?

Why not volunteer for us and help patients get to their appointments?

  • Claim £0.45 per mile

  • Claim £10 a month phone allowance

  • Support the flow of patients moving in and out of hospitals in your own vehicle

A core part of our patient transport service relies heavily on volunteers. This is because there are some journeys that our Control Team would deem suitable for a car, without the need of a TASL car, ambulance or Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle.

There are certain reasons why some journeys are passed onto the volunteer team. Sometimes it is due to the large distance from a TASL base or it can be a singular, routine run where a recognisable face makes all the difference.

Sometimes these journeys are far away from a TASL base, and these would make more use of a specific and sometimes more complex resource by passing over the journey onto our valued volunteer team.

Interested? Contact Julie on 07760 920061 or email [email protected]