Volunteer with us

Supporting patients in your spare time

A core part of our patient transport service relies heavily on volunteers. This is because there are some journeys that our Control Team would deem suitable for a car, without the need of a TASL car, ambulance or Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle.

There are certain reasons why some journeys are passed onto the volunteer team. Sometimes it is due to the large distance from a TASL base or it can be a singular, routine run where a recognisable face makes all the difference.

Sometimes these journeys are far away from a TASL base, and these would make more use of a specific and sometimes more complex resource by passing over the journey onto our valued volunteer team.


If you’re interested, contact Sue on 07799909810 or email [email protected]


Catching up

We have started to hold quarterly meetings with our volunteers to feedback on how things are going with the service and how we can make volunteering a more fulfilling and enjoyable task.

Recently, we had decided to improve the rules and benefits that each volunteer would be entitled to. This included a £10 a month phone allowance and the removal of a 10 mile limit where originally volunteers could not claim mileage within the first 10 miles of a journey where a patient would not be on board (for example travelling a fair distance to pick up a patient), this was removed by popular demand.

We are working to improve the way in which volunteers receive work to assist patients, and in mid 2018 this has involved a new update of HealthCab, the transport management software that is used on mobile phones and on the computers in Control and hospitals.

We keep the latest volunteer meeting notes here. Click to view.