Make a booking

A TASL staff member helps an older gentleman in a wheelchair

You will not always have to book your own transport – in many cases, your GP or a hospital will do it for you.

A woman with a tube coming from her nose speaks to a TASL call handler, who asks 'Could you tell me any mobility issues you have?'

Our call handlers will ask you a series of questions in order to make sure our service remains clear for patients like you with a genuine medical need for transport.

A man in a wheelchair has a notepad and paper and is speaking into a mobile phone. He says 'my NHS number is...'

If you have a hearing disability, please access our service via text relay. You can find information on how to use text relay on the Next Generation Text Service website.

Our transport is for patients who are unable to get healthcare appointments without assistance due to a medical need.

Our booking and transport queries teams are here to help you.

A nurse speaks on the phone to a TASL operator, saying "I need to make an appointment for..."

If you do need to arrange your own appointment, call into one of our excellent call handlers who will check your eligibility and find you the best possible transport for your needs.

An image of a speech bubble indicating numbered questions

Before you call, please make sure you have the following information ready:

  • Your NHS number – to keep you secure, we’ll need you to confirm it with the following information
    • Your full name
    • Your date of birth
    • Your address
  • A description of your health issues, including any mobility difficulties you may have.
  • Where you will be travelling from and to
  • Your preferences for dates and times

You’ll also need a pen and paper on hand to take down a booking reference number we will give you.

A woman with a bindi on her head is texting on her phone. She is noted as 'you'. Arrows go between her phone and a person with a microphone on a computer marked as 'Relay Service' and arrows go between them and a woman at a computer with a microphone in another circle labelled 'TASL call handler'

When you’re ready, find the phone number for your area in the list below to call us. If you’re a healthcare professional, you can book directly through Healthcab.

Basildon, Essex

Mid Essex

Leicester, Leics & Rutland

North East Lincs