D1 and D2 Ambulance and Emergency Response Driving

Course Objectives:

1.0  Vehicle Daily Inspection (VDI)
2.0  Ambulance Driving and Highway code
3.0  System of Care Control
4.0  Speed and Safety
5.0  Reversing and Manoeuvring
6.0  Corners and Bends
7.0  Night Driving
8.0  Skid Avoidance
9.0  Motorway Driving
10.  Emergency Response Driving
11.  Accident Reporting and Investigation
12.  Driving Skills Assessment
13.  Written Theory Assessments
14.  Tutorials/Look Forward

Target Audience

Ambulance staff with a duty to respond to an emergency using public roads

3 weeks in total
Number of Delegates

Max 3 per instructor


Vehicles supplied by arrangement or using customers’ own ambulances

Special Requirements
Please note that vehicles can be hired by Thames at additional cost, but it is normal for delegates to use the vehicles they would be driving during emergencies for the blue light element of the course.

D1 and D2 Ambulance and Emergency Response Driving

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