TASL on the lookout for dedicated repair services as they announce breakthrough success with contract trials in Canvey Island and Grantham

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TASL has successfully trialled contracts with new fleet services, allowing them to keep more of their crews on the road with fewer interruptions and increasing the efficiency with which they can transport patients to their appointments and back home.

Non-emergency transport services provider TASL has faced many challenges to meet the high standards expected of it by both company directors and the communities it operates in. One of the biggest challenges has been delivering on-time services with vehicle resources that can often be damaged by unpredictable road conditions or general wear and tear.

In an undertaking headed by fleet manager Mike Rowlands, working in partnership with fleet management company Zenith, TASL engaged a contract with Boleyn Recovery Services for the service’s Canvey Island depot. These services have offered TASL dedicated repair services rather than requiring a crew to take damaged vehicles to a garage an hour away. ‘We used to have to send out for minor things; sometimes it would take hours just to have a lightbulb changed in a vehicle. Now we can have minor changes made on site without losing a crew’ says contracts manager, Stuart Logan. 

Maxine Jones, manager of the Canvey Island depot commented on how she and her staff have found the new services, ‘We’re quite happy at the moment, no, very happy… it’s all working really well’

A dedicated repair service offered by a company called ASAP has also been trialled at the Grantham depot, where acting station manager Mick Cordwell has expressed his delight for a fantastic service that means his base do not have to wait for more than 24 hours for repairs – a challenge they faced when working with a nearby garage. 

TASL is now hoping to roll out dedicated repair teams for other bases where similar issues that faced Canvey and Grantham have presented themselves, and continues investigations into relevant services.


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Thames Ambulance Service Limited (TASL) is a professional service providing high quality, individually tailored care to patients 24/7, 365 days of the year. Our Patient Transport Service (PTS) offers healthcare professionals a range of transport solutions to assist with the transfer of their patients utilising a variety of vehicles designed to meet the different needs of patients. We are a private company who are commissioned by the NHS to provide a value for money, high-quality service.

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